How One Line from "Hamilton" Exemplifies Fake Allyship

Remember at the very beginning of the musical, when Hamilton tries to impress Burr with his views and ideas? Though Hamilton shows promise, ambition, and fervor, Burr tells Hamilton to shut up and act right in "Aaron Burr, Sir":

Burr: Talk less
Hamilton: ...What?
Burr: Smile more-- don't let them know what you're against or what you're for.
Hamilton: You can't be serious.
Burr: You wanna get ahead?
Hamilton: Yes.
Burr: Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.

Sound familiar?
Let's look at something a little closer to reality, from the New York Times in 1859.


"The very best thing that could possibly be done towards the abolition of slavery would be for the North to stop talking about it."

If we count the possibility that Burr told Hamilton to "talk less, smile more" during their time, then that means we have been told to "talk less, smile more" for the past 300+ years.

This narrative has pervaded the literal and figurative battlefield for centuries.

Telling women to stay silent about the vote.

Telling Black People they are only 2/3rds of a person.

"Don't bring politics to the dinner table."

Want an even more recent and an even closer to home example?
Screenshots are forever, but to spare this person from any grief and shedding more fake ally tears, I will type out what they said:

(See? I can be kind.)

"...while I think it is 100% fine to vent, I think there are more effective ways to make points air out issues in a safe environment where others can listen to people respectfully make their points on the dark side of tech/tech twitter."

Stop claiming to be an ally when you "just want everyone to shut up and get along".

There are some (read: a LOT of) people who staunchly believe that everything's working just fine; they don't see color, race, or gender-- just output.

(If that's not a red flag indicating sociopathy, I'm done with y'all.)

OR, they do recognize that things aren't great, but they don't like the facts and issues being shoved in their faces every day, triggering privilege guilt, and ultimately shedding fake ally tears.

They do not understand because they cannot simply fathom that their carefully worded response came from kindness and concern for our well-being.

Those people cannot engage in "civil" discussion because they will break down at the drop of a disagreement and frame it as "attacking" or "bullying". They think their actions (or lack of action) is enough; that getting involved is too much for them and their sensitive little empathetic hearts.

Or, hey-- let's bring back this tone cop doing me a favor:

Oh, how I love being tone-policed.

There have been numerous messages and comments that have tried to silence me, calling me out for being too "feisty" on main.

They've tried to threaten me with, "No one's gonna hire you for your attitude", especially the last troll who made a sock puppet account the same day just to harass me.

I assure you, I am past the point where I give any fucks about finding a job right now. After the bullshit I've endured? Nice try. I am not bending my knee for anyone who disregards and belittles my views and my beliefs and my existence.

Why would I want to work for a company that actually doesn't value me?
Why should I endure abuse? Because you went through it? Because it's only fair?

Avoiding the problem has not done any good for anyone.

Confronting the problem head-on is what got women the vote and Black People the right to be seen as, not just American citizens, but to be recognized and acknowledged as people.

We have accepted mere crumbs for centuries, and although some things have been a massive improvement these past 300 years, there are still things to be done and even more issues to tackle.

We should talk more, smile less.

Heads down is no longer an option.

Get your voices heard.

But, if you don't want to listen to me, then surely you would prefer the message delivered to you in song and dance. I don't blame you; the truth is more palatable when it's disguised as "lighthearted" entertainment.

Thank you for reading!

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