How I Deal with Twitter Trolls

Yes, this is a real reply to me from someone on the bird app.
Their account was reported and removed.

I baited a sock puppet into saying how he really felt, hiding behind the guise of the Big Lebowski's PTSD-suffering bff, Walter, played by John Goodman.

It hit me, though, that there are thousands that think just like him that are hidden behind anime girl avatars, or the best profile of their outspoken pop-culture anti-hero idol.

I'm not gonna mince words: I am afraid, not of this person in particular, but them in masses that, well-- that, at worst, want me dead because I was born wrong (non-compliant, not male, and not white).

And on the other side, we have performative influencers who preach "peace and love everyone" or employing some bullshit about "civility" between two people who are at odds with each other.

This is not the time to be a centrist.

Would you stay silent and watch someone get beaten down right in front of you on the street?

You'd probably say, "No, I'd stop them."

But what if you see a white man belittling a brown woman for speaking out?

Remind us to employ some civility in a whisper?

There is no peaceful way to fight this fight.

You could try talking to either side-- if you aren't with them, then join them.

But you absolutely cannot join both sides.

You are either enabling abusers to continue to do what they do.
You are perpetuating the standards set by cis white male supremacists/misogynists.
By staying silent, you protect the attackers and amplify their voices.

You help strengthen their power by trivializing the blatant harassment I have endured in public for the last month by simply calling it, "Twitter Drama".

You may be wondering, "Then how can I help??"

  • Amplify the content of women, especially those who are Black Indigenous People of Color
  • Do not talk over women or Black Indigenous People of Color. Period.
    Do not interrupt at all when they are speaking.

If you see some bullshit, call it out.
Seriously-- tell your friend that shit isn't okay and that their thoughts/beliefs/actions cause more harm.
If they fight back saying it's a "joke" or it's "harmless" or that you're too "sensitive", then maybe you should review your own judgment of character and observe how this person treats others.

  • If this person proves toxic, perhaps take the time to talk to them or cut them out of your life gradually-- and out them.
    I am serious: post their name, and cite their offenses. They should not live in anonymity and should be scrutinized for being a shitty person.

I will not tolerate the existence of abusers any longer.

Honestly, right now-- I'm doing my best, trying to keep it together.

I stand by what I said: your silence enables abuse.
Stop thinking about your precious follower count and the value of your network, and start pushing for some real changes in this white-male-dominant industry.

I'm getting real tired of seeing 20k follower count Pastyface McCodes as a guest on every podcast and conference.

Spicy. Very spicy.