Episode 00 - Intro

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In this episode, I introduce myself, my background, and why this podcast was created!

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Hello hello hello everybody welcome to the Cat out of the bag podcast, where we pull the issues in the tech industry and debug them. I'm your host, Cat.

All right. I'm pretty sure everybody wants to know what this podcast is about.

I call it for the various voices in tech, especially those of the marginalized and underrepresented:

  • Black Indigenous People of Color
  • People who identify as women
  • Non binary
  • Gender queer folx
  • Folx who identify themselves as a member of the LGBTQA community

    ...and I give them a safe space and platform for them to share their experiences.

    I interviewed developers, designers, managers, contractors, anyone who needs to get the word out about their experience in the tech industry.

    A bit of background on myself:
  • I was assigned female at birth.
  • I am Filipino American.
  • I am gender fluid and demisexual,
  • I am an artist, singer, songwriter, designer, and developer.

I've been attempting to set my foot in the tech industry at first as a UX designer when I graduated with my bachelor's in web design and development in 2016.

My blocker back then was corporate experience, which I guess was fair.

I thought I finally got my start in 2018 when I was hired as a contractor at one of the infamous FAANG companies. But that turned out to be a false positive as they had a myriad of reasons not to hire me full time.

For one thing, my position and work was completely unique.

And the projects had time limits on them.

Plus I had to make up my own title.

I tried one last push to apply as a product designer.
But despite all of my efforts to create extensive case studies on personal and school projects, as well as refactoring my design work like graphs, charts, personas, research; it all wasn't enough.

Hell the recruiter said I never shipped anything real.

And obviously that hurt.

After my contract ended in September, 2019. I, well, for one, I left a super toxic relationship of six years and started researching coding bootcamps. I thought that the industry would value somebody who could design and code.

At the end of January, 2020, I began a software engineering immersive that was in person for the first month and a half. Then COVID hit and we were remote for the remainder of our time.

I completed the program, learned a ton, developed confidence in both my design and development skills and found a love for front end development, especially React.
I started to apply to places with absolute confidence, knowing that I have the skills and the portfolio to back my claims.

Long story short, I have made it to the final round of several interviews, but I never received an offer.
I asked for feedback and what I received was...shocking.

For one, they chose someone who completed their interview round before I did, there was nothing I could do about that.

Another wasted, my time saying that I was too junior for what they were looking for.

But I look back at my life and realize that uniqueness that everybody lauded me for was a detriment. I do not fit into anyone's company culture. And to do that, I have to completely change who I am and I've tried.

I can't pretend to be someone I'm not; I am loud. I am expressive and I am a force to be reckoned with.

And I am here to elevate those who are like me, the downtrodden, the different, the odd ducks, those who the dominant culture do not want to listen to.

I am here to make them listen. I am here for you: the underrepresented marginalized people in the tech industry.

If you interested and would like to share your experience, please slide into my DMs at Twitter at C A T C A R B N that's C A T C A R B N on Twitter or on Instagram at cat out of the pod, C A T O U T O F T H E P O D on Instagram.

And that's it for our intro show.
Thank you so much for listening and for your support.

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This is Cat signing off

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